Lizz DiNapoli, LMT
Professional Massage Therapy


Frequently Asked Questions:
(Please note: all questions concerning the Gamble Massage Session are located at the end of the page.)

Schedule changes beginning February 19th, 2024.

Expiration dates on Groupon vouchers are no longer being extended.


This LMT is back from maternity leave!


Q: What is included in a "full body" massage?

A: A full body massage generally includes the back, neck, shoulders, head, arms, hands, legs, and feet. Abdominal work is performed at the client's request, but is not part of the "normal" routine. Gluteal work, pectoral work, and face work may be performed except where the client has denied consent. Breast tissue is not to be exposed or massaged except under circumstances that require it (eg. a doctor's note prescribing breast massage as treatment). Genitalia is not to be massaged or exposed at any time.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Currently I am able to accept cash, credit/debit cards, checks, Apple Pay, and PayPal/Venmo transfers. CashApp can be used to pay through my card reader (Square). Apple Pay can be used with the Square Reader or sent as Apple Cash directly to my phone number. I may also accept service trades.


Q: Should I tip? What is customary?

A: While tipping your therapist is not required, it is appreciated! For a one-hour service, people typically leave a $10-$20 gratuity, but it is entirely optional. If you'd like to leave gratuity, you may tip whatever you are comfortable with. If you were highly satisfied with your service but are not comfortable with a monetary gift, the best "tip" you can leave is a nice review on my Facebook or Google page!


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: When booking an appointment, a credit or debit card will be on file to hold the appointment slot. If you need to cancel the appointment, please do so in a timely fashion. If a cancellation takes place ≤1 hour before the appointment time, there will be a $20 cancellation charge. If a cancellation takes place after the original appointment start time, or in the case of a no-show, there will either be a $20 cancellation charge or 50% charge, whichever is higher.

In the event that a credit card is absent for a cancellation charge (card on file is expired/incorrect/declined, etc), the client will receive an invoice for the charges. The invoice is due upon arrival. If the invoice is not paid in a timely manner, a late fee will accrue at a daily interest of 0.0438%. Failure to pay the invoice will result in your ban from receiving services, and in extreme scenarios, small claims court cases.

When you book an appointment with a service provider, you are paying for the provider's time in which they are expecting to perform a service, not the service itself. Time is non-refundable, and as such is very valuable. There are some scenarios in which a cancellation or no-show fee will be waived, but that is entirely at the provider's discretion.


Q: What are the conditions for booking an In-Home massage?

A: Unfortunately, due to the nature of this profession, extra safety measures must be taken for traveling. I generally will not do in-home massages for first time clients (i.e. if I have never met you before). I will not travel to a location where the parking is either street-side parking only or a paid parking garage. The location you request the massage to be taking place must have a proper amount of space for me to set up my table and perform the service - please provide the square footage of the room with your request. In-home chair massages where you do not need to undress have the same requirements, but as the chair takes up less space than a table, the room size can be smaller. Please try to limit your request to hours where there is still daylight.


Q: What massage medium do you use?

A: I have a variety of oils/cremes/lotions to perform massage with, my preferred medium being creme. I typically try to find mediums that are hypoallergenic and/or organic. I also have different essential oils for the aromatherapy services and sugar scrubs/body butter for the sugar scrub services. You may request to see the ingredients on-site, or I can email them to you. Please let me know if you have any allergies that may be sensitive to different massage lubricants. For clients with semi-recent tattoos that require special lubricant, I have Lubriderm to help prevent any lifting of ink.


Q: What if I have a Groupon?

A: Thank you for your purchase! You may redeem the voucher at any time before the expiration date and your session is covered. If you do not attempt to make an appointment before its' expiration, you may still redeem it, as long as you pay the difference for the session to me directly (ex: You paid $40 for a 60 minute, so you would pay me $20 directly along with the Groupon). If you reserve an appointment slot and no-call-no-show, your voucher may be redeemed in place of a full service charge if you have not provided an alternate method of payment for the cancellation policy. The Groupon promotion is an extension of my Introductory Rate; since the limit is one per person, additional vouchers may be given as gifts. Expiration dates on Groupon vouchers are no longer being extended as my partnership with them ended in 2020. They will still be accepted for their paid value.



Q: How is a Gamble Massage different from a regular massage?

A: The difference is in the format, not the execution! I perform this service exactly the same way I would any other massage, however there is no specific length of time that the massage is guaranteed to last for. Ex; you win the raffle and come into the office at 10:00 AM. Depending on what your body needs, you could be done at 10:45 AM, 11:30 AM, or even a more obscure time like 11:13 AM. I just set a stopwatch, massage until your muscles tell me to move on, and that's all! No "extra fluff" to fill in too long of a session, and no rushing to fit everything into too short of a session. The only "guarantee" I have in terms of time is that it is VERY unlikely the session will last longer than 2 hours, as in my many years of experience, I have never performed a massage longer than 120 minutes. However, someone may yet prove me wrong!


Q: When will these massage sessions be held?

A: Typically, they will be on the last Saturday of the month. In the event of a conflict (if I have a prior commitment, am out of town, etc.), a different Saturday will be picked. I will be adding Saturdays to my regular schedule, so now these appointments will be scheduled for the final appointment of my day, meaning now only one winner will be picked regardless of how long that session ends up lasting. 


Q: How is the raffle decided?

A: I have a list of clients who wish to participate in the raffle. A week before the decided date, I will draw a name from the list at random. The first name pulled will be asked to come in, and if they have a conflict they will be automatically re-entered for the next month and a new name pulled until someone available is chosen.


Q: What is the cost?

A: The massages are priced at $1.33/minute. I will not be offering any further discounts on this service (Introductory Rate, LMT Discount, etc.), just as there are no discounts on regular Custom Length of Massage sessions.


Q: Is the cancellation policy different for this service?

A: It varies slightly from the normal policy. If you no-show or last-minute cancel for this appointment, there will be a $20 charge, as it is impossible to determine what 50% would be. If no explanation is given for a no-show, you will be permanently removed from the raffle.